Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Here are some co-ordinates for Google Maps. Copy and paste the numbers.

37.006194,-8.927486 Sector Baleera

20+ bolted routes 25-30m 5+ to 7b mainly 5+ to mid 6's. Abseil into good ledges. closely spaced bolts.

37.00351,-8.930005 The Garden

5 bolted routes 30m 3+ to 4+ Abseil to good ledges. Separate abseil rope useful as pulled ropes tend to hang up on blocks and flakes.

37.002387,-8.932228 Navigator slab

3 bolted routes 5+ to 6a 40m Abseil to good ledge or downclimb (abseil bolts)and scramble in from 37.001582,-8.931474 mid to low tide.

37.023492,-8.963751 Beliche

2 bolted routes both two pitches 6b to 7a. 27m X 2 abseils to good ledges.

37.026485,-8.978598 Parete Riscas

11 routes 6b to 7a+ 30m Abseil to good ledges. Rock is much better than it looks.

37.021151,-8.984578 Sector Corgas

20 routes 6a to 8c mainly 7 and 8's steeply OHing. Abseil in from anchors above, or abb/scramble in from fishermans path 100m further south towards the headland

37.024253,-8.98908 The Furnace
 A dozen bolted lines within this area 4+ to 8a Walk in access

37.026236,-8.99371 White Slab

4 bolted routes 5 to 7a Abseil to good ledges 45m or 2 X 25m

37.026861,-8.992454 Latitudes

2 bolted routes 6b to 7a Abseil to good ledge in the sea 2 X 30m

37.028647,-8.99095 The Mirror

4 bolted routes 6a to 7a Abseil to good ledge 45m or 2 X 30; or 3 bolt hanging stance

37.030163,-8.98672 Armação Nova

20+ bolted routes in various states. 10m to 70m. Mainly walk in with wade at low tide or abseil for Parete Grande at far end.

As you wander around you'll find a number of other bolted areas but these ones will get you going. There are 700+ trad routes (you get bored counting, naming and grading after after seventeen years) if you have the gear with you.

                    Have fun in the sun... Algarve Rock Climbing....