Friday, April 4, 2008


The day began in the dromadario with a welcome coffee to pick us all up then it was off to a new sector that my man andy had bolted to introduce people to leading the sport routes of sagres.

The routes were mainly 4+5, and about 9m in height.This sector was badly needed as the cliffs at sagres start at 6a up which made it hard for the first timer.The access to the new sector is an easy scramble down the face to a ledge, which is big enough for at least 6 people and about 4m above the sea.We spent the morning here trying the new routes.Having 2 novices helped to iron out the bumps! They also led their first routes which they both said was a real rush.

After the morning of fun, we headed to the drom for some lunch as this was on the way to our next venue, ponta garcia.This turned out to be a 40m climb which was pure enjoyment for all including the surfers who could not believe there eyes as we absailed down to the ledge at the bottom.We spent the rest of the day here as in places this climb proved to be tricky, but, with a little help in places we all managed to top out. As the sun set we all agreed the day was a blast so we headed off to the drom for a well earned beer or two.I would like to say thanks to andy for sharing his secrets about sagres, as if it was not for him and the 20 years of coming out to bolt new routes we would not be here. He is also the man who put together the topo guide to be found got it.... the dromadario sagres!!!