Monday, May 2, 2011

First Time in Sagres

The first time on the sea cliffs is scary but if you know the right spot........its Fun. Heres Carolines first time..


Nicola said...

Hey, your photos look amazing!
I'm thinking of going to Sagres in May with some friends to do some DWS and maybe some bouldering/routes too. Can you recommend where to find information on this area? I am unable to find a guide book on Sagres or even any information online.
Thanks :)

peter whitehead said...

Go in the Dromadario cafe in Sagres and ask for topo....

si said...

Hi Peter,
great pics on flickr. Which spot in Sagres is this? Looks pretty nice for beginners.
Thanks, bye

peter whitehead said...

HI Si,
the area you are looking for is called the JARDIN,the grades are 5-5b sport.Great place for your first time on the sea cliffs,you can find it on Google maps....37.00351,-8.930005